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How to access scholarly journals for free



One of the most annoying things in academia is trying to find information online yet it is inaccessible. Most websites asks you subscribe or buy articles which are priced differently.

An MBA student will need to access hundreds of journal articles to present a meaningful proposal for him to proceed with his academics. Why is it that information is sold, why would people just make information available for all.

Well there is someone who thought that it was unfair to lock out people who cannot afford the dollars to access Research information from respectable journals in the world.

She build a website that has a database of over 50M scholarly journals most of which you cannot access given your financial status. She is just 27 years old and elsevier, the worlds largest journal database, are suing her for copyright infringement.

Her dot com sight isn’t working but you can trying accessing the database here. If what you are looking for is not available the site will shop around and dumbs the article into its database. This comes as threat to thousands of professors who have writing journal articles and charging to access.

The moment you search for particular information, the site takes you google scholar, if you find the information you want, you click on it and the site goes back to it database and gives the full article, for free.

If the article is not available, the site looks for passwords and the logs in collects the information you want and then gives, then dumbs the article in to its database for the next person to access. There you have it.