​I tried to take alcohol so I write this when I’m not sober. I wanted to spill the beans so that my friend Kevo understands I was under the influence. And then he drunk all my money. He gave me a wrong pin so I couldn’t swipe his card. So in the end I was a broke ass who could only write while sober.

My friend’s weird perception of love struck me that day. It kept me cracking my thoughts for some days. Kevo truly loves this girl. He actually confessed. From the face value, the girl seems to like Kevo. I haven’t been exposed to her for long but her smile, tone, body language clearly indicated she liked him.

“Hello (girl’s name), how are you? We were coming down from the eleventh floor and we decided to pop in and say hi. I hope we didn’t interrupt.” He lied straight in to her face in my presence. He lied to the girl and I knew he wanted me to blend in. And since we agreed on many things, I played along.

“No no no. You didn’t interrupt. In fact thank you for popping in.” She is excited.

She hugs him. He hugs back. I notice a broken professional distance. A wide smile and an overly excited face. There is something between the two of them. Kevo knows. Or maybe the girl is just too nice. I never got a hug, neither was I willing to get one.

I get nervous because I am just standing there. The truth is I forced him to go. He never wanted to but because he is my friend he decided to introduce me. My wife is texting and I can’t keep up with the two conversations. I am a man. I just can’t multitask. I prioritize.

I slide my phone back in to my right pocket. I look at the door and decide to interrupt an already shifting conversation.

“You have interesting name (pointing at the company logo on the door). What do you do?” I knew what they did. We had this conversation before we decided to go. So I lied.

She looks my way. He looks this way too. My phone vibrates again. My wife is texting again and I feel offended. I tell her I can’t think properly. I ask her to give me a moment. She says no. I ignore her and concentrate on what is at hand.

“We consult on HR. We hire for firms that do not want the hustle of managing employees” She says with a rather less official voice. Of course this wasn’t an official visit. We just popped in. I node in agreement.

“So you can hire me. I am actively looking for a placement.” I told with an expectant face.

She says jokingly, “Yea why not. Just drop in your resume then I will see what I can do”

She definitely thinks I am not serious. But I am damn serious. The job is why we are here in the first place. Kevo doesn’t want to be there because he has a soft spot for her. She seems to be aware and she torments him with her smile and body language. He is sweating and desperate to get out of the awkward situation

He looks shy and unease. Then I take two steps away from them. The Kevo knows it’s time to go. If I didn’t do that, he would have accepted a date which he never wanted to accept.

So she tells him, “Remember to call please”


She opens the doors and gets in to the office. Kevo take quick steps wrapping his feeble arms acros his chest. He scrstches himself on the back. Thats usual kevos behaviour when he is not okay. But this time he smiles and gives me a high five and says;

“You are a genius. How were you able to sneak in your job agenda? I couldn’t figure out how to tell her we were looking for a job”

I tell him that I noticed he lied about being at 11th floor so I was on high alert. For the lies to be consistent I had to lie that I didn’t know what they did.

I ask him whether he is sweating. He says no but his hands are wet. I tell him it must be very hot in Mombasa now. He bends his head and laughs. We walk away as we continued reminiscing the moments.

Kevo says he does not want to get involved with the girl. I asked him why and he said because he loved her. I told him that was a good thing. He shakes his head.

“I don’t want to be trapped. I like her and that is why. It is better when I don’t like her. The moment we get involved I  do what ever she wants. So I will keep distance forever.”

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