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How to Auto insert in-text citation In your Essay or Research Proposal


This article will help you write your essay faster while inserting citations. You do not need manually insert in-text citations and references in to you writing.

Note that the software is free of charge.By now you know where to access scholarly journals for free, even the ones that need you to enter payment before access the entire article.

A major undoing of Ms Word while writing an essay, research proposal or any academic assignment that requires citation is manual work of inserting references.

Note that the software is free of charge.

Essay, reports, and research papers use softwares to insert intext citations and references  The best software come at a fee which some students cannot afford.

Zotero developed a free tool to insert citations and references in you written work for free.

Since most reference materials are online, zotero identifies references material and with a single click, zotero saves the details of the reference material including the name of author, publisher, city, title of the material, date and make it simple for student to cite.

  • Download zotero extension for you browser
  • Navigate to zotero website and install zotero plugin for Ms Word or LibreOffice if you use Linux
  • The you can download zotero standalone if you want the software in your machine.
  • When doing your research, make sure zotero standalone is open and research. This makes it easy to save your references.
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