Jane works as an insurance sales person at a local bank. She has contacts across all insurance firms as well as contacts inside her employer’s network of branches. She is a banc assurance officer if you understand what that means.

Lately she has been receiving complaints from insurance firms. One particular supervisor, Vicky, asked her who Gary was. Gary is Jane’s colleague in a far off branch and in a totally different region. Her worry was why Gary would interfere her market. Apparently Gary has been sending threatening emails to Vicky about a a business that didn’t end up on his side.

She thought of confronting the issue through her sales manager at the head office but rescinded the decision thinking it would cause a lot of disconnect. The best way to handle was to wait until the dust settles down then met his silently during the quarter review meeting in a months time.

Working with co-workers who feel that others are beneath them is normal. It is also normal to find co-workers who are down to earth and would do anything to make you comfortable. Here are simple strategies to make you a better co-worker.

Do not publicly shame your colleagues.
It is important to draw lines between positively criticizing your colleagues and public embarrassment in the name of helping them become better. Read the mood of the meeting before opening a discussion whose end wont be pleasant to your colleague.

Would it hurt your colleague if you criticized where every member of staff is present or it’s better to wait until you are out of the meeting? Learn to be considerate and weigh you colleague’s emotions.

Be a team player.
Offer technical tips to your juniors and those that seem stuck. Going out of you way to help other in the team brings cohesiveness in the team and sense of belonging. Productivity of teams may be influenced by how much you consider one another as member of your team.

Respect every member of your team equally
Attend your meetings in time even if the youngest member of the team will be presenting. You may know it will be boring but your support highly motivates others to be better.

Thank your colleagues for any help that they will provide
And praise them when you realized they have been exceptional in their job. Rejoice with them and even provide tips on how they can improve further.

Workplaces these days are our new homes. In fact we spend more than 75% of our time with colleagues in the office. Cultivating a positive place of work will reflect how successful you become.