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How to chose a mobile phone in Kenya



I hate second hand phones despite my latest phone being one. It has served me for four years and I am happy with it. It is durable, portable and most important thing for me is camera pixels.

When searching for a phone it is important for you understand what you want to do with your phone. It is vital to evaluate if your emails are important to you or your photos, or your music. Defining this will lead you to the best phone in the market.

Know your budget.

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I did research this post. I only spoke to my cousin and these are the questions he kept asking. What is your budget? what do you want to do with the phone? What is important to you?

There is a phone for every user in the market. Low income earners who only want a phone for communication purpose will go for the lowest cost phone that do not need to have many features.

On the other hand, there are those who want to keep tabs with work. If you need to be notified when an email hits your inbox or you want to have access to social networking sites like Facebook and twitter, then your budget should be a little higher.

What do you do with your phone.

I love taking photos and I love keeping them. I love high resolution screens that show up to a pimple in my wife’s face. I spend little time calling people except for the time I worked as a salesman. I had to acquire a low cost phone for calls and M-pesa.


A smartphone like an iPhone 6plus would be the best for me. However my budget cant afford such a phone. I have to consider these other breeds of android phones including galaxy s4, or infinix . So my budget would be between Kshs 10,000 to 30,000.

There is another constraint though. I lost my phone few months ago near the Ferry area in Mombasa. A woman picked it and took it to her husband. They tried to flash its memory but they couldn’t. The husband told the wife that that was a rare phone and it possible that they were being tracked.

So I called my phone several times at last she picked and asked to go and pick it. Some Mobiles Phones are so unique to scare people.  This is not really why buy though.

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