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Simple steps to file your KRA returns NOW!!


@emmanuel mbayachi had challenges filing his returns. So he sought help from me

KRA created this excel sheet with formulas and says it is for filing returns. Filing returns is not paying tax according to me. It is a simple way KRA reconciles tax that ought to be and the actual tax paid. Especially for salaried Kenyans. If you didn’t know, now you know. Make sure that at the end of the sheet you are filing your details no negative figure appears because KRA will bill you almost immediately. You will receive a very threatening mail.

Below is the attachment notice you are likely to receive if you do not file your tax return properly.

You go through this procedure.

Form P9A from Employer. If you are not employed, then you don’t have any income. KRA, however, requires everyone to file return even if it’s zero returns, failure to which you attract a penalty of 10,000.

The employer’s PIN. Request PIN from your employer if not already on the P9A. If you are not employed and you intend to file zero returns, call KRA.

Financial statements for the following incomes; business income, farming income, rent income.

Mortgage Interest Certificate and PIN of lender many Kenyans don’t have mortgages. If you do have a mortgage, I don’t understand why you should be reading this in the first place. I don’t have a mortgage.

Insurance Premium Certificate and PIN of underwriter for those with insurance cover ans enjoy insurance relief. This is why you need insurance. To ease your tax burden

Withholding tax certificates. They are not necessary for students though.

Any other documentation relating to income you received or deductions you want to claim. Forget this, you will be attracting stress that you have never encountered before. When the government takes, its an uphill task to get back. Just make sure that you are never over taxed.