How to get Adsense Approval with just five posts


    When I started my blog in 2012, I had this great ambition to make it online. I learned so many things so fast. I took the time to read through AdSense policy documents on good AdSense practices. Within days I knew almost everything, and I applied for AdSense. I had only five posts of content on my blog with few pages. I got an account, and I was excited. Within days, my account was suspended for invalid activity. I made changes to my account and stopped mimicking google. I still have the account today.

    I applied for contextual ad program which also turned out positive though I was advised to attract traffic from Canada, USA, and the UK.

    How did I do it then to get AdSense and approval with only five posts on the blog?

    1 Real Content

    Most enthusiastic online money makers want to attract traffic with nothing to offer. Google insists that before you apply for AdSense, you should have content that is at least more than a page on every post. (this is not in the policy but you need at least 275 words on every post to show indication that you are creating content). If you started a forum site, then you need to have the site operational and attracting posts every day. Avoid so many redirects on your pages, avoid photos that you do not own. Make sure that if its a photo blog ensure you are giving value to your audience

    2 Original Content

    I wrote original content about how I faced challenges in my life and solved the problems. If you have original content on topics that everyone writes about, be sure that Google won’t consider you for that, why? Because you are not offering anything new. Avoid issues such as money making online. I have heard budding, and aspiring AdSense public contact me for secrets on how to get approval. My advice has always been originality and uniqueness.

    3 Concentrate on solving Problems.

    Budding publishers who are not able to address any problem but rather buy content and focus on making money may find AdSense not very lucrative. People look for information online that solve particular challenges that they face in life. People look for information on how to do things, where to find some things or general information about what is happening around them.

    4 Evergreen Content

    Make content that remains relevant to people over a longer periof of time. Thats why concentrating on what makes life simple may be better for a blogger than news which is relevant for news corporations. This also makes work easier for you because of the retention.