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How to Make customers happy


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Richard Branson says you do not need to make your customers happy, rather make you employees happy, they will make your customers happy. I am not a fan of long reads, I write short perhaps it ignites your thinking.

28 years of stock market data in the US shows that there is a link between employee satisfaction and long term value of a firm. The finding further state that its employee satisfaction that yields good performance and not the other way round. Follow the link and find details of the research.

Charles, a senior banker in a local bank here in Kenya hates to use office mobile phone. He says “ I will never call my customers with banks phone number.” I couldn’t ask why because I share the same view. The logic being I am in sales and my customers are my customers and not banks customers. If I leave the bank today, I leave with my customers. That’s why bank poach employees.

No customer will call your office line when they have a challenge in the middle of the night. Being a banker makes the sole source of information for your customer.

Present day bank customers love personalized services. They want to call their bank the way they call their doctor incase of a query, or the way they call there lawyer. A customer will want to have a personal touch with their banker to enjoy certain services.

banks wont be necessary in future

This is probably why I will never use my account at KCB and National bank. The right question is do satifaction result in better profits or profits yield better satisfaction. From standpoint of an investor, perhaps profits yield more satisfaction.

make your employees happy, ask them to make your customers happy.

Between an employ and a customer is a relationship, business relationship that in the long run yields benefits to the employer, who at all times is at home going through report and making sure none of the shops are under-performing. Provide for usual things like airtime to your employees to keep them in touch with the customers.