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How to make FREE calls over wi-fi



FREE is a word I have reservations for whenever am online. But needless to say, dont be coz free wifi calling is a reality. You are running low on airtime or the network reception is poor, wifi will get you to close that business deal of your lifetime.

Its not a new concept to us that one can call online. We have skyped, used online chats to send texts and of course WhatsApp that Moses Wafula jokingly refferes to it as what is up. So whats up with this free calls over wifi anyway?


Making a wifi call means making an ordinary call over any wifi network you are connected to. Ordinary means having an option of wifi call over your local network carrier. Simply put you need no application to make this call. And the beauty of it FREE or should I say free for life *bamba tv guy voice over.

Iphone users would require iOS 8.0 and above. Android users vary with the phone model. Check out latest flagship of the model you are using though chances are that an update to android marshmallow would have this function.

Next time you have poor reception switch to wi-fi or better still on li-fi.

One of this fine days rays of the sun could be a big breakthrough in technology. Which gets me thinking if smoke signals did serve the purpose then the future is bright.