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How to react when you realise your colleague earns more than you do


When Patrick joined our team two months ago, there were rumors that he earned more than any other member in the team.  What was hurting is Patrick was expected to be taught how we work and he was given a month to make sure that business was streaming in.

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Ethan was tasked to train him and he knew that Patrick earned two times his salary owing to a document left on the photocopier machine. He knew how to be a better colleague but this was hurting and he felt that it was unfair practice.

This is one typical scenario is workplace today. The billion dollar question that runs through peoples mind is, Why? What should I do? Havard Business Review published when you find out a co-worker makes more money than you do and share few tips on how to deal with this.

Take your time to process this.

At first this may be disappointing to find out that you are subjected to same pressure to deliver yet others earn more than others. It would be unfair unless what is expected of the other member is more. Take note that hasty decisions at this point may spoil your career ambition.

Talk to you manager,

If you boss does not have traits of a micro-manager, then you can speak to them openly about this case.

Hiring process is a tedious process. Again finding the right talent may be costly and hell for your employer. So it is imperative that you speak to your line manager about this. It is likely to show that you may consider offers from other employers if they do not consider you.

Hiring process is tedious and finding the right talent may be costly.

Consider options..you can actively look for another job.

This usually makes it possible for you ti negotiate. If you are so good at what you do, your manager wouldn’t want to release you. Your employer is likely to tempt you with a counter offer which can may match what you are seeking. Remember that pay should be commensurate with work levels and responsibility.

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