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How to strike in high school dear students


Strike defined may mean different things. First, it is the act of hitting or simply hit forcibly or deliberately with one one hand or weapon. I’m not interested in that definition because it’s not related to my discussion. The second meaning is related to the first a sudden attack usual military related.  Air strikes in Syria is a norm these days. And many other definitions that you may like.

I must acknowledge that school unrest and arson, especially arson attacks are politically motivated. Being the principal is not as easy as we think with excessive rivalry and split factions among teachers and interested candidates who want to take up leadership in the school. In cases where there is no clear forthcoming grievance from students, teachers  and opposing factions in school must be questioned before we start blaming electrical failures.

My main discussion today is based on below definition, which is thought to be happening in our schools but its not.

a refusal to work organized by a body of employees as a form of protest, typically in an attempt to gain a concession or concessions from their employer.
“dockers voted for an all-out strike”
synonyms: industrial action, walkout, job action, stoppage

“a 48-hour strike”

Source:internet google

Strikes have been used to pass grievances by aggrieved parties since time immemorial. Strikes are used mostly in industrial relations where labourers feel aggrieved by employers. Teachers strike is an example. What Kenyan high school students do is not striking, that pure criminal behaviour that should not be condoned.

I told you top performing Kenyan high schools never strike, I meant they never destroy property, why? because they own the schools and they will always want to be associated with the school long after they left. That’s why I feel the remedy, which was echoed by some principals I heard over the media, that students need to own the schools.

This is how you pass you grievances to the administration

  1. Communicate

Communicate means a two ways form of conversation. There are times when you try to speak to the school management and they aren’t listening. Do not resort to rioting or burning up things. Try to use student representatives to the management. If this does not yield any fruit, you need to find a better way, send another bunch of representatives. If nothing works, proceed to step two, even KNUT does this and they never destroy their property.


Stop means come to an end, in this case temporarily. This can be a powerful tool to let the management know that status quo cannot be maintained. Change is inevitable and they must listen. Students can stop eating, can stop going to class, cease taking normal chores until they listen to you. It works. It’s more powerful than burning down dormitories and destroying your own property. Be objective and never mix cowardice by burning down property.


I mean peaceful match that will catch the attention of the media. If your match catches the attention of the media, friends the president is aware. There is no higher place than that. Media loves such spectacles. No school management want politicians meddling in to the affairs of the school because it ends up nasty. Management will listen, no one will be sent home and no property will be destroyed. Its a win-win situation. Violence never solves anything.