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How to write a blog my way.


 The past three years I have been working hard on my blog. I stated three blogs that failed but I never quit writing my mind. Then I realized that I have faithful readers. People who want to know what is happening in my world. So every year I registered a different domain name which meant I lost my previous readers.

So this year I received a call from a former colleague. He wanted to know what happened after the interview. I asked him what interview he is talking about. His answer is “I read your blog Moses and I was the second subscriber. I am your all time favorite reader”

That was encouraging. I was almost giving up on this blog which means you would never get to know about me. I went back to my page on Facebook and realized my audience had grown to 210. These are people who look up to my posts to get inspired. I wonder whether I inspire them any way. So I decide that I am keeping the blog..

Below are a few lessons I have learnt.

  1. start writing. Just write because most people who make money online tell others what to do. Actually they tell others how to blog and they earn themselves out of telling you that. Why don’t you start telling people how to cook, or how to eat, or how to travel or give them your financial playbook.  If you don’t have a place to start, you can start writing for me. I will post it on my blog.
  2. Don’t worry so much about typos. You will fail so expect to fail. The most important thing is are you ready to stand up, dust yourself and move on? My first three blogs had terrible typos which I always noticed months after posting them online. Very few of my negligible number of readers were concerned about typos. If you find those who really get offended because of typos.

The most important thing is are you ready to stand up, dust yourself and move on

Don’t write news. News become obsolete so fast. The best way to start is to tell a story. Story telling is a great way to share information as well as teach people how to do things. Do you like stories? Can you gather people together and make them listen to you? I did that once, that is the point I knew I could be influential.

3. You will never make money online. Look for a job now. What I’m telling you so practical. I run a blog with makes averagely $0.5 a month. Can you survive on such an income? Now if you are a good salesperson you can start affiliate marketing. You won’t sell anything in the first few months but you will earn millions if you never give up. Blogging or online writing is not a get rich quick scheme. I have a day job too.