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I am Disorganised But she Still loves Me


This post is in response to Daily Prompt: Clean. This post won’t have photos (because I can’t break two rules. I will break one rule which is not to write about her) apart from a few links to take you around. Pssss! My wife cannot know I wrote about her so don’t share. I will give it raw unedited.

I married (this word is just here for you to read. I haven’t done what I am supposed to do) an honest traditional Kalenjin girl I met on campus. She is so traditional; I wish you could see the first day she met my family. The magnitude of submission literally swept mother off her feet. Anyway, who does that these days?

I sometimes pinched myself during the nine months before our son’s birthday. Do you know how difficult it is to walk around with evidence of sex while the other partner sinks in the couch as if nothing happened? Women are unique.

I witnessed her life gradually shift gears while we were expectant.She had an athletic body, but it all changed. I usually tell her to take two years off and train intensively and go for one major marathon and win, and our life would take 180-degree turn. She says I am better than her. So not all Kalenjins run, I authoritatively know because I am married to one.

She wouldn’t accompany me to my usual sports pub to watch football anymore. She used to be an Arsenal fan until we met. When she was not working, she spent time sleeping. She would complain that he (Ethan) was kicking her from inside. I couldn’t do anything rather than just watch. Now I spank my son when he insists on peeing on the couch. At least I can do something now.

She looked vulnerable yet so strong and bold both in her character and physique. She went to the office throughout the three-quarters of the year like nothing had happened, and at times I was scared. I felt guilty of what I had done. She loved me more during that period than she does now: I am not complaining.

She knows my struggles, my highs and my lows, my strengths and then there is the WEAKNESSESes. We work in different cities, and I know she can see my room and the level of hygiene from 300 miles away. She doesn’t complain of my weaknesses but applauds me when I try to overcome. She doesn’t criticize my failures but keeps it somewhere in her subconscious to exploit when I become a pain the ass. She also turns out to a real pain …….

I am a poor shopper and she knows. But I when I try she says I got taste. Really? I don’t have much of facial hair, but it looks appalling.Just like scattered trees in semi-arid areas of the Northern Rift. I am baldheaded or say I am becoming one so I look scary when I don’t shave. I wonder why she even calls me sweetheart? Because I honestly don’t remember calling her sweetheart. But she does.

I told her I wouldn’t write about her and she said no way. I said I wouldn’t write about her and I am not writing about her anymore.

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