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Is my work stressful? Or its my past?


Brand New Year, Brand new things, brand new targets and everything has to be new. My thoughts too need to be disconnected from 2016 and forge ahead.

Today I decided to clean my desk because yesterday the owner of the company passed by to say hi. I got the heads up from the manager that my workstation looked untidy and I didn’t have time to arrange. So I dumped everything into the drawer.

I stretched my hand further end of the second drawer and grabbed my badge. I haven’t used it for a while, and it was of paramount importance that I have it on especially after the reminder in the morning meeting. So he came, greeted all of us then headed straight into managers office. Then he left after half an hour. Life was back to normal.

Now back to my desk which looked neat from the face. I pulled out the drawer that had been stuffed up with paper, notebooks and forms from 2016 and before. I wanted a fresh start. I went through each paper one after another to make sure I didn’t trash relevant documents.

I noticed one consistent thing I have been doing through 2016 that I was unaware of. I had written meaningless stuff on any plain surface I found on my desk. As I go through more papers in I realized I had religiously done this consistently regardless of the importance the document.

At one time, I wrote clients proposal form, and I almost scribbled on the back of a cheque leaf. What is wrong with me? Why do I keep writing things that do not make sense?The last writings of this nature I recall were back in primary school. I wrote on the top surface of the wooden desks, and no one would understand what was written on the desk. So many words written from all directions in different colors. Some were hoary writings, and I feel it was not only my problem, but there were others like me.

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