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Jack Ma in Kenya? In the company of 38 Billionaires? Be very, very afraid.


Jack Ma landed in Kenya July 20th, 2017. He was in the company bunch of 38 billionaires. 38 billionaire friends. The political beat stopped for a bit in Kenya to focus on what he had to say.

The executive chairman and co-founder of the online market place Alibaba then hit the ground running first with a meeting with the head of state Uhuru Kenyatta at the State House.

After which he addressed a congregation of youthful innovators at the University of Nairobi’s Chandaria hall

Every newspaper and online magazine that I follow wrote about what he said. The concentration went to the University of Nairobi Chandaria Hall. The centre of attraction was Jack Ma. The media and Facebook live streams were singing praise for his inspiring speech.

No one is writing or saying about what he didn’t say. The 38 billionaires who jetted in with him seemed to be conspicuously missing from the talk.

Could it be that Jack Ma was a distraction from the real mission in Kenya?

Where were the 38 billionaire friends stuffed? No one confirmed that they were in attendance.

So why Kenya at this moment? The influence of the Chinese in Africa has been growing. It is like there is a power shift from the west eastwards. More Chinese corporations are winning contracts all over Africa. The Chinese win every major road construction tender in Kenya. It is a good thing though.

China has seen our future. As the entire developed nations continue to lament of the ageing populations, Africa boasts of a very young, energetic and adventurous youths. The average age in Africa right now is about 20 years. Which means in the next 30 years, according to Jack Ma, the world will be ours for the taking.

Unexploited Natural Resources

Did you know that every five minutes there is a truck transporting mined mineral in Kwale County? I do not want to say it is titanium. If you have been lucky to drive along the Likoni-Msambweni route, you might have seen the yellow trucks which never stops until it reaches the port?

You meet these vehicles every three to five minutes 24/7.

Did you know that Kenya Ferry Docking space along Kilindini harbour had to be abandoned for these large ships to dock and transport whatever they carry?

A very logical question to our government is, I cannot understand why Tiomin invested so much in trucks and marine vessels to transport raw materials outside this country.

Isn’t it cheaper for them to set a processing plant at the premises and employ locals and export finished products?