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Kenya Elections 2017: How the situation is a day to the Polls


The Campaigns are officially over. The law stipulates that no campaign activities should be allowed 48 hours to the Election Day making August 5th the official day for campaign halt.

Kenyan firms are preparing employees for the worst. Some companies have communicated to their employees on emergency procedures with supervisor checking on their juniors during this election period.

The stock market on the other hands seems to defy the supposed tension and continued to trade on Monday morning.

There has been a massive relocation of people from urban cities with Nairobi experience smooth traffic towards the city centre contrary to the norm. One Facebook user posted how fast he moved from Kiambu to Waiyaki way.

The city which is usually a buzz with activity saw reduced activities with a few business opening.

Kenya’s busiest high way s saw reduced traffic with most people regrouped and joined their families upcountry.

Kenya heads to an election that is hotly contested between to long time and family rivals Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga.

Uhuru Kenyatta is the son of Kenya’s founding president Jomo Kenyatta, and Raila is the son of Kenya’s first vice president Jaramogi Odinga.

The vice presidency has since been scrapped and replaced with a deputy president who is now elected by the people, contrary appointment by the president in the previous regimes.

The IEBC, the commission in-charge of elections, says it is ready for the election of Tuesday, August 8th and Monday is the day when election materials are expected to reach polling stations across the country.

There has been concern over the list of polling stations said not to have internet coverage, with twitter users calling on the IEBC to be careful since some of the areas on the list are said to have 3G to 4G internet speeds.