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Kenya is strategically located for business. 


​In my discussions with customers, I mostly engage them on what I perceive of our differences. I mean the difference between them and me. I am employed, I live in Africa, I believe everyone has a right to live, I am a father, and I love education. Most of my customers are business people some are natives others not and they hold different views about life. 

Simon is a former British Marine who set up base in Kenya after he quit active duty. I asked him why he left his job and he said he was old. He said he decided to leave active duty because he was 40.  He decided to come to Kenya to set up fitness business. I asked him why Kenya and his answer was interesting and very valid and makes Kenya a prime place for business.

Kenya is about 7 hours flight to Dubai, about 8 hours to Europe, about seven hours to South Africa. Africa is at the Centre of the earth with averagely the same time travel to almost any part of the world except for America which has limited or no flights in and out of Africa.

I wanted to know his view about corruption and his answer was “I can’t stand corruption” He says the problem that is eating Kenya is the educated have turned to be criminal and the uneducated people do not care. 

Another difference is the developed world, the government takes care of its people. He says, “If I feel sick today I will get on a plane and ask the hostess for an ambulance at the airport as soon as we land and everything will be done for me” In developing country like Kenya, government officials steal from themselves, government can’t pay doctors and we are likely to witness more deaths in the coming days.

I asked him what we need to do. He looks at me in despair. He looks the other side, then looks back at the table and takes a sip of cool tamarind juice. Moses, you need to change yourself. We cannot change by rising through ranks to power. Every citizen needs to take responsibility stop looking for passports to developed world rather develop your own country. 

The best engineers, doctors, nurses, professors need to stay and change the mindset of the people. It won’t make sense to teach universities in the developed world and leave the country you pretend to love languishing in poverty.