Raila Odinga Says Electoral Officials’ Lives Threatened

Raila Odinga made some disturbing allegations that have been captured by the international media. The NASA leader says the lives of some IEBC officials is in grave danger. Below is an excerpt was written by the Associated Press for both the New York Times and the Washington Post.

Kenya Opposition Says Electoral Officials' Lives ThreatenedThe lives of some top officials with Kenya’s electoral commission are under “serious threat” from the government ahead of the new presidential election next month, opposition leader Raila Odinga claimed Friday. Odinga, who successfully challenged President Uhuru Kenyatta’s re-election in court, told reporters that some commission NYT

The electoral commission is under pressure by the opposition to reform after the Supreme Court nullified Kenyatta’s re-election and cited irregularities in last month’s vote. Odinga had gone to court claiming vote-rigging.

The above story has also been written in the Washington post by Associated Press. These media reports about a month after another election official was tortured, murdered and his body alongside that of a woman was dumped in a thicket in the outskirts of Kenyan Capital.

However, the local media here in Kenya chose to focus much on the former NASA principle Isaac Ruto shifting allegiance to the ruling Jubilee party. Mr Ruto, a former Governor, lost his bid for re-election to Jubilee candidate Joyce Laboso.

The statement by NASA principle cannot be taken lightly. Action should be taken the secure the lives of the official.

The supreme court of Kenya nullified the August 8th elections here in Kenya by widespread irregularities and illegalities.

The chairman went on to invite the director of public prosecution to conduct investigation on the individual who may have contravened the election offences act.

The supreme court ruling set off a chain of event that left the IEBC commission divided.