The Kenyan Media will interrupt normal programs on TV to focus the Supreme Court proceedings on Saturday 26th August 2017. This is a significant┬ádate to Kenya’s electoral process.

The court rooms will likely feature bands of journalists from all Media Houses in Kenya and the world. The case before it has drawn so much attention.

The swearing in of the president elect is on halt until the case has been decided. The decision by the seven judge bench will be final.

Interestingly the case will be starting at 7 pm Kenyan time and probably running the entire week.

There will be no time for resting as this decides the fate of who becomes the most powerful Kenyan in the next seven days.

The opposition band wagon has laid forth a series of allegations against the Independent Electoral and Boundaries commission.

Chief among them is the elections being a sham and full of irregularities. However, the IEBC maintains that the 2017 elections in Kenya were free fair and credible to