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Kenyans should be allowed to choose Their President from any Polling station countrywide.


Nairobi governor asked his support to adopt a bus station in a bid to stop people from relocating to their rural homes. Kenyans fear that the 2017 elections may be mired in chaos and violence.

The death of Acting ICT Director Christopher Musanda further complicates governor Kidero’s call from Adopt a bus station initiative. The government couldn’t guarantee a senior IEBC official his security how then can a normal citizen not take measure to safeguard their families?

Many voters will not vote in the forthcoming elections because they will be miles away from their designated polling stations.

Kenya is likely to see a low voter town out due to the relocation of populations to areas where they will not be allowed to vote. Nairobi County has close to 3 million voters, most of whom are from rural areas where they are relocating with their families at the moment.

Presidential candidates are the same in all constituencies.

Scaring voters and spreading of fake new is a way that opponents use to scare off voters from participating in the electoral process. Thousands of voters will take their families to locations where they cannot exercise their constitutional right.

Kenya isn’t stable enough to tie individuals to the polling station as citizen move from one town to another more often than not. At the moment, a registered voter who lives in Nairobi and registered in Mombasa will have to travel back to Mombasa to vote which is in most cases unlikely.