I wanted to write a letter to Nelleke Hennemann. She is a great woman who values impact in peoples lives rather than a single day of joy. She hates professional football because she thinks footballers are overpaid. She finds fault in women who make it a career to marry rich football superstars and dumb them for even richer ones. But I heard something else in the local media that I felt I should talk about. This kept itching me. So I changed the contents of the letter and addressed  His Excellency the President of the Republic of Kenya. Since this is a letter there will be no image to this letter. I know people like posts with images.

I know I am not qualified to judge your actions. No one actually is qualified to judge other peoples actions. You are a person of impeccable social standing and your personal achievements are amazing. You and me are at different levels in life but I want to ask a few questions. I know I am allowed to speak to my president. I cannot start arguing with you.

Why are you destructing Kenya from what is at hand? Is Ruto skeptical of supporting you in 2017? You two are friends, is there anything that is likely to pull you apart in 2017? If there is nothing please, you guys are doing a fantastic job and the best I see is that Kenya is peaceful despite the hurdles here and there.

You are firm in your decisions and I am happy that you cannot be cowed by the so called UN, not to send Somali nationals in refugee camps here in Kenya, back to there motherland. I am not saying its a good thing or a bad thing. But your gesture of standing firm on your feet is what makes you the president that is what the people want.

Dear Mr. President, Its getting rather funny and distracting when I see you get in to politics of 2022. Constitutionally, you will be ineligible for office (Presidency) then if you get a second term. That is if you get a second term. We (Kenyans) have to decide whether you get a second term.

This will be gauged by what you have been able to achieve in your first term in office and your vision for us in the coming years. We haven’t forgotten that. And we cannot be always be in election mood. Can’t we productive in other factors of production for at least two consecutive years?

I am apolitical in most of my posts (check my blog) I respect the presidency it means a lot to me because its a symbol of our unity. You are a symbol that makes Kenyans are united. Don’t betray the trust that we have in you.

I am getting concerned if you really have the interests of Kenyans at heart. What if someone with greater ambition and vision for Kenyan sprouts out and we as the voters feel he is the man/woman to lead this country? No, let me frame it this way, what if another eligible Kenyan sprouts out and he honestly makes you believe in him/her as the next president?

Will you support Mr Ruto or you will go for president you believe in? I know your answer. DP supported you in 2013 and you want his support in 2017, so your hands are tired. That is what we hate. Supporting each other because you have an MoU to get the other in office when you are out.

The last time there was an MoU in Kenyan politics and things didn’t go as expected, Raila lost again.