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Lifi is the new wifi


The internet has become part of our life today.

Everything from shopping, news, entertainment, learning name it all can be accessed online. Therefore there is a need to have high-speed internet. Conventionally light surfing would require mobile data bundles. However with large downloads and online streaming one opts for a modem or wi-fi.

Forget 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi; scientists have discovered a new and the fastest way of connecting to the internet using light. Yes, that’s right a light bulb.

What is Li-Fi? It is a bi-directional wireless network that utilises the technology similar to WiFi.

Li-fi (light fidelity) enables you to access the internet within the illuminated area. Led bulbs are used to transmit data to speeds of 10Gbps done in lab tests.

However commercial Li-Fi kits have been released┬áhaving 150Mbps. Li-Fi opens up possibilities for people who can’t access wi-fi due to signal interference like in submarines and the like. It also means better data security since a wall or anything opaque protects your Li-fi. The use of light as a media reduces interference from other waves

Those who use free wi-fi by living near public areas with wi-fi might start rethinking their strategies. Li-fi is here to stay.

Probably scientists would come with a new way to recharge our smartphones on the go. Or better still batteries that can go weeks without recharging. Power banks are becoming bulky or should I say a status statement.