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Men prioritize, Women multitask


I find both phrases okay for me. Most men are good at prioritizing while most women would prefer to multitask. But these two ways of working yield varied results.

I can’t listen to nice soothing music while having sex. I will stop the music because I love listening to good music and I enjoy making love, and I learned that I couldn’t have both at the same time.

My wife used to be so mad when I am watching a football match because I never responded to her. The truth is I watch football and listen to it as well, I love the combination of language to describe a skill employed in a match and I just can’t look at the motion pictures and not listen, and she feels that I ignore her. She got mad until she decided never to engage me while I am watching a football match and she never gets mad anymore.

She is the type who watched soap opera while cooking. Remember the TV is a separate room from the cooker. So she will pop in the leaving room to get a shot of what is happening then run back to the kitchen. I wonder how she enjoys that. It’s difficult for me. She complains that I take a lot of time in the kitchen, you know why? Because when I decide to cook, I take my time in the kitchen and do nothing else but cook.

Having priorities is an essential element in life, not just at home but work as well. Prioritizing helps an individual to focus and have time limits. It may be a challenge for a person who multitasks to manage time properly. Those who do may not do the work as well as you expect.  If it is writing, the possibility of typos will be high if not well proofread.