I intend to quit my job partly because I have been quitting for a while now and I am not productive where I am. You know why? I am scared. I am used to my monthly pay. I can’t imagine a life without it. Even my wife knows my payday and she makes her plans with my money (well, our money) but I am okay with that.

So I call her Wednesday morning.

“Hey, I don’t want this job anymore and I am resigning”

She says okay.

I am not convinced with her answer. She agreed so fast. She questions most of the time. But I have nothing else to tell her. Silence. Then silence again. I hang up.

I Skype my friend Bruce. I tell him the same statement and he doesn’t respond. I wait but I decide to tell my colleague David that I am resigning.

He is freaked out. He says “Moses NO. You can’t resign now”

I tell him I want to go. I am tired and I am being unfair to my employer because I am not being productive enough. My manager won’t be happy at the end of this week because I know I won’t have met the target her gave me.

David says, “You will be desperate and I feel it’s not the right move”

I am irritated. I think he is not in my shoes. He continues to text while I delete them without responding.


I am not a journalist. So my boss won’t applaud me for going and coming back with a story. Only numbers

So I call my college roommate. He quit and he understands me better.

We had a lot to catch up with. Our conversation swayed to Obamas exit speech. Then I tell him I want to quit. He welcomes the idea.

“You have overstayed. You should have left a year ago. I wonder what you are doing there” He tells me with excitement.

I could tell that I just woke him up. He never lacks words when I seek his opinion.

I tell him I am scared. He says there is nothing to be scared of. He drafts a quick verbal exit plan for me and we agree that end month is the end.

My phone beeps. Ooh its Bruce. He just Skyped back and guess what he tells me.

“I am looking for a part-time job as well. Do you want to lecture?” In my mind I wonder why he says that while I am desperate.

I tell him “Absolutely YES. I have been looking for tutorial fellow opportunity without success”

He laughs out loud (isn’t that the meaning of lol!)

He says he lost contact and the ones he maintained all left to start business and the other moved to another city.

My spirits surges. My phone beeps again. This time it’s my wife. She tells me Josh just called. I’m elated. That seems good news. Josh is my wife colleague.

“The guy he contacted promised to get back to him today. He says he hopes the outcome is positive”

I am sick of positive messages. I just want a way out.

“it’s okay” I text her back and tried to focus. Then it hits me back that I am at work and need to be working.