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My Valentines day; a day later.



“Hallo good morning sir? This is Moses at the branch. I am calling because my station is blocked, I can’t login, are you in a position to help me out on this one?”

This is Monday morning and I asking someone seated at Head Office to unlock my computer. I went out for departments review meeting at our head officer and apparently I overstayed without logging in and that was not policy, according to the system. I was automatically disabled until I was back. I was sure about my login in details so this was about the system.

My wife had these weird valentine demands. I am sure she never cares much about valentines day. She doesn’t, I know that, I don’t fancy valentine too. She just woke up and remembered it was valentines because someone on the TV mentioned it. My mind was still resonating with bashing and embarrassment I received during the review meeting. I was the only officer to have made a loss to the department. I don’t even know why they still kept me in the loop.

So I planned for this long journey on a luxury bus from Nairobi to Mombasa during the valentines day. How would I take such a long trip on Sunday which happens to be valentines day? The main reason is it would cost me less than it would have, had I opted for night travel. So I told my wife, “I am broke and the company is paying for my ticket” which was true. I know she never believed me but I wasn’t lying. I knew Sunday would be valentines and it was imperatively important that I plan my journey back to work before she realized it would be valentines day.

The only good thing about her she never reads this part of my life, not often. She once read this post about homeschooling Ethan and she keeps reminding me to homeschool him. Homeschooling is a nice thing, but requires maximum time with children to make sure that they receive proper guidance while making choices, or in the process of learning.

In the office non of the ladies looked like they really had a nice valentines day. Most of them seemed so focused on work so I decided to keep mum on the topic. So I though every lady I knew never remembered about valentines. Then I called our Head of Finance. She is a lady. I just needed to inform her how I intended to receipt a payment. She completely swayed me into another conversation.

“You never called me yesterday.” She screamed on the phone.

“ Yea, I know, Yesterday was Sunday…..” before I completed my sentence she replied interrupting my speech.

“You are so wrong Moses. Yesterday was not just Sunday.”

So I apologized but she was adamant that yesterday was not a just a Sunday.

“It was Valentines day and none of you men called me. Now you are picking up the call seeking my audience.”

Definitely this was a big issue, I tried to explain why I did call and that I was travelling but she never understood. She resorted to punishing me. She asked me to buy specific white chocolate. Are there white chocolates out there?

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