Its time for the national super alliance to think about 2022

After a tedious, expensive and disputed election that wasted the entire week, Kenya expected a less rough week. The supporters of Jubilee party were expected to celebrate peacefully while the opposition and losers, NASA, mourn while expressing their dissatisfaction. It was anticipated that NASA fans wouldn’t be happy with the news of Uhuru Kenyatta becoming president elect. Demonstrations in Kenya are never known to be peaceful.

Kenya Police mercilessly shot dead Kenyans who were not satisfied with the results of the elections. The number of casualties is not readily known due to different figures of various entities. However, there were two notable fatalities of children one who succumbed to gunshot wounds and another in Nyanza died after police raided the home.

The acting Cabinet Secretary Dr Fred Matiangi said in a statement that the police did not shoot anyone who was peacefully demonstrating.  The parent of murdered girl in Nairobi’s Kibera area says the girl died of police gunshot wounds.

The freedom of the press was again at risk after a KTN reporter was put behind bars allegedly for wearing protective clothing without a permit.

There have been outright gross violations of human rights in Mathare, Kibera and part of Nyanza in greater western Kenya Region. Unlike the developed nations, there is no arm of the government that department in Kenya’s judicial system that checks lawlessness in the police force.

The Independent Police Oversight Authority is toothless. The best they can do is go to morning TV shows to tell Kenyans that no one has lodged formal complaints or there is insufficient evidence to take actions against rogue police officers

Barely a week after Kenyans went to the ballot and less than five days since the IEBC announced Uhuru Kenyatta as the president elect, police raided the only institutions that check it. The Kenya National Human Rights Commission (KNHRC) and African Centre for Open Governance (AFRICOG) play a vital role that citizens may not have the capacity to undertake.

The government must realise that these NGO’s have to exist in the first. De registering them hurts human rights and the role that they NGO’s play.

The Kenya’s government does not want to be checked. The NGO coordination board boss shows no regard for institutions that watch the government.  Non-governmental organisations that engaged in unlawful activities must be punished. However, these should be based on just allegations but rather be based on factual and concrete evidence that can pass the test in a court of law.

At this juncture, there is a retrogressive growth in Kenya’s democracy in that we take one step ahead for peaceful elections and the two steps back because of the behaviour of security organs.

The national super alliance announced its intention to contest the presidential election in the Supreme Court. This is a welcome move that is likely to boost public confidence in institutions of justice. In a statement to the media, the NASA flag bearer called the results computer generated and went ahead to say it does not reflect the desire of Kenyans.

Whether it’s true or not, taking the matter to the highest arbitrator on land is the right move for the national super alliance. However, with the behaviour of the national police lately, NASA may need to have a proper strategy for the next elections.