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President Kenyatta Disappoints me at times


I have a lot of respect for the Constitution. Including the offices and the institutions that derive their authority from the Constitution like the presidency. Whether I voted for the president or not, he becomes my president and party politics go aside.

We are taught from the elementary civic education, whether you are a lawyer or not, that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land. There is no defence to the ignorance of the law Any other law that contravenes the Constitution of Kenya is null and void.

The president of the republic of Kenya made utterances that, in my opinion, went overboard regarding the standard that he is supposed to maintain as a symbol of national unity. The idea that if Raila Odinga becomes president, they will impeach him within two or three months in office belittles Kenyatta.

Impeachment of a president arises from three reasons as prescribed in article 145. The first is on the ground of gross violations of a provision of the Constitution or any other law, secondly, where there are substantial grounds for believing that the president has committed a crime under national or international law and lastly gross misconduct.

President uttered the removal from office a Raila presidency with three months on the grounds of numbers he has in the national assembly and their ability to amend the constitution to actualise their greed for power.

Besides the numbers the president refers to, Jubilee party will need a valid reason, not a witch hunt to remove a sitting president elected by the majority of Kenyan citizen.

As much much Jubilee legislators feel that they have the numbers to oust Mr Odinga if he is elected on October 17th, all members of the national assembly should stand firm beyond the confines of their party politics and put this country first.

The Presidency and those who occupy the office unites a nation. Where either Uhuru Kenyatta or Raila Odinga become president, they should focus on uniting the country given that Kenyan politics highly polarise the country. Either of the two front runners to the presidency becomes president of Kenya which has little to do with Jubilee or NASA.