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Quitting employment comes with its struggles


I’m counting days now, and I know its public knowledge. The decision to leave employment was difficult one. Everyone within my inner circles was against it apart from a few who thought there was no value addition in my life or to the employer. And by the way why is that people believe they must be employed to survive?

The thing that kept me going was my wife was on board, in fact, she had been waiting for me to suggest that I need to be with them.

My only fall back was an interview which was scheduled the week I submitted my letter. I hoped to get a job though with reservations. I qualified for the role, but unfortunately, I lacked hospitality industry experience.

The recruiting manager rejected and donated me instead to the another manager for a sales role. I passed that offer, and I hated the thought of being recommended for a position I’m not interested in.

The job was the same one I was quitting, and I didn’t think I would be useful to them. Furthermore, they only pay per sale. I religiously hate that compensation model. I hate because I can’t draw a line between sales and marketing. They were going to pay me commission only for the sales and not for the commercialization which is far much more valuable to them in the long run.

I took a week-long leave to bond with my son before traveling back to make my desk. I told you earlier that I’m my son would start calling uncle.

The future looks bleak, but of course, opportunities exist. I am not sure of what awaits me in the new status I am about to take. Joblessness.

Now I am back in the office, and things look weird here. My mind just switched off. I couldn’t even recall my password until after an hour of trying to remember.

I still get emails from department heads on the developments on the new system. My soon to be former colleagues were trained, and it looked exciting thing according to some that I interrogated.

This is how I describe myself. I am a millennial. A new generation employee who hates monotony. The kind of employee who cannot stay at the same desk, same position, same roles for too long. I am not like my parents who would remain in the same capacity for thirty or forty years then retire. I seek a new challenge, new environment, and new people every day.

There is a bunch of clients whom I gave insurance on credit. Part of clearing process is to collect the premiums. I called all of them, and they promised to come. But there is another group who have reconciliation issues which I have four days to clear out. There is always a remedy, cancel all the covers until and unless they settle the balances.

I went to collect from a client. We have had rough times with her, and I told her I want all the money because I am leaving my employer. She was shocked; she wanted to know if I had found another place. I told her not yet. She was so disappointed and wondered what was wrong with me. That how we’re conditioned. We must be employed otherwise the world would suffocate us out there. I want to choke now. Let me go out and seek that which fulfills my inner desire. Maybe I’ll try art, may be music or maybe farming. The best would be journalism.