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Relocating to New Neighbourhood


I am moving cities partly because I considered myself redundant and partly because I thought my son would start calling me uncle.

I started feeling deeply that he needed physically present in his life more than he needed more on the other end of the phone call. To a larger percentage this more about being closer to the people I care about than just a casual move

As usual, I take night trips to visit my family. I arrive early in the morning to start the day with them. Most of the time I find my son asleep.

This time round he found me sitting next to him. He is almost two and a half. When he woke up, I asked whether her new me. He sounded little confused, but he was able to recognize me and called me Dad.

Its a bit chilly here compared to lower altitude coastal environment I am used to. The first thing in the morning was to prepare for an interview which turned out to be just a chat. I love these type of meetings.

The interviewer was a white guy, and he introduced himself as the operations manager. The guy is more of a salesman than just an office administrator.

He started selling the company and the strides they have been able to make in the last five years. The market seems to have accepted their concept especially after the government gave the nod to their business model.

The chat took about 30 minutes. I was back on the road heading home. I was tired but excited that the interview went well. I kept thinking of my next phase in life.

This neighborhood is a new environment, and I have to start adjusting faster. I have to form new relationships, new friends. I know I have to change my time. Nairobi is a bit more chaotic than Mombasa.