Do people google how to parent their children? I know people have more experience than I do and I don’t believe people Google parenting. People search online how to do things.

However, I have always sought the advice of a paediatrician whenever our son was ill. You should too.

Your child learns from you. So try to do the right thing.

A child’s brain develops with time. As you continue helping your child discover the world, know that more than 75% of what the child does is dependent on parenting.

I have learnt to thank my wife after every meal profoundly for him to learn to be thankful. Try to take care of everything, do the right thing at all time in the presence of your child. Children trail their parents to know how to do things.

Create family routines like eating time, sleeping time, morning routine.

We never used to pray before we slept. My wife used to go to bed earlier, and I would follow later after hours of creating this content.

Then one time I decided to to go to be early. So we all retire at the same time. Then I ask my wife to pray. The second day, Ethan reminded us to sleep together and before sleeping, pray together.

Delegate to your child some tasks. Delegating makes the child feel honoured and loved and Valued

Our son is in charge of some duties in the house. He makes sure then curtains are open and closed depending on the time of the day. He switches off and on the lights accordingly. I see him feel so elated whenever he does his job.

We, sometimes, clash over who should zip his mother’s dress when she is dressing up, but I am okay.

Children understand better when you let them handle some tasks in the house. Teaching your kids to deal with chores around the house makes them more responsible.

Children, even those still learning to communicate, will use the potty and remind or call you to dispose of the poop. Aren’t they awesome?