Nelleke told me that in the Netherlands, students are ganging up in groups of four or five to own a car.  This is so because the entire country has taken up carbon emissions very seriously. She says, ” people will start wondering if a family or an individual has more than one car.”

It is even a shame for someone to drive alone in a vehicle especially a student. It’s more fun when you have friends with you than driving alone. She says riding a bicycle is a cool phenomenon for them. In western Kenya where I come from owning a bike is cherished. It’s even a career, but people make fun of my kins for keeping the tradition. Maybe they are the fairest and the environment there is cleaner.

If you can ACCESS it, then you OWN it

George owns a small 1500cc Nissan note which makes life easier for him. And for us too as colleagues. He finds so much fun in driving around town with a bunch of male colleagues than being on his own. He even asks before leaving the office in the evening if anyone is headed his direction. In this way, we contribute to the excellent course of reducing carbon emissions by each one of us not owning a car.

Its the same with public amenities like roads, schools, hospitals no single person can claim to own these resources because they are public resources. Everyone one owns the resources, and they are entitled to get service from it.

If you SHARE it, you POSSESS it.

I have been actively searching for a job, and you should have come across how indifferent my friends are about me resigning. In my quest, I flip skim through every single page of the local dailies, daily. I learnt a couple of lessons from the obituaries section.

  • Even the beautiful and the rich die. You can notice the space hired and quality of the picture. It costs more just find out.
  • There is a requiem mass for the rich also. Mostly at all saints cathedral
  • Fundraisers are also standard to cover for medical bills and burial expenses

The next common thing that happens is family starts court battles over the control of the deceased estate. In my village, they used to call it, kushtaki kaburi meaning they ask the court to help them divide he estate.

It would have been much easier if the rich shared their wealth with the family before they died. Someone will start accusing me of being insensitive and ignorant, but I will tell you one thing, it’s not fun to accumulate soooo much wealth to your name. It’s in fact what the wise man called vanity. It is so much fun when you make people around you happy than make them miserable to beg.

If you share you possess it. It doesn’t hurt to make others happy. It also helps conserve the environment.

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