Home Education Students who Fail in form four are happier in life

Students who Fail in form four are happier in life


Those who torch high school dormitories did not go to a national school they wanted. In fact top Kenyan high schools do not experience bad behavior among students because these students wanted to be there they love their school and want to be associated with its success.

Those who fail two hour KNEC exams are condemned to low-level schools, usually not of their choice, and they never have a sense of ownership of the school. You know why? because we have poisoned their minds. That those who attend national schools prosper, others try.

They are good Salespersons

They have nothing to prove to anyone because they already proved it. They failed national exams. What they do is try to survive because they are usually dead in people’s minds. Which in turn makes them more innovative and creative and good salespersons.

Most salespeople I have met in the streets and doing well barely got a C. Most of them work hard to grow their small businesses. They are independent in judgement and have a choice when to go to work and whether to stay at home with their families. They are happy.

Most of my high school friends are doing well. They compete with no one. They have their own standards to beat and no pressure to make parents happy. All they care about is being happy themselves. In fact, they’re happy when because they are their own responsibility now. They are independent except for a few who give up.

Their children become who they want to be

Their children will try everything, they will get hurt, they will make mistakes, they will learn and unlearn themselves until they find a footing. Then they will be the best among their peers because they homeschooled themselves apart from attending normal school.

Their children will learn to make choices, whether bad or good they will define themselves, and possibly burn dormitories and go to jail. Others escape jail and they vow not repeat what they did. In the end they are happy adults and better counsellors.