Monday, October 23, 2017
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President Kenyatta Disappoints me at times

I have a lot of respect for the Constitution. Including the offices and the institutions that derive their authority from the Constitution like the...

Why 2017 is a Great Year

Decisions are taking a different course. Apparently North Korea is poking USA with missile tests and USA didn't ask Russia permission to bomb airfields...

Polls Don’t Decide an Election, Kenyan Voters Do.

The whole of 2007,  I worked as an interviewer with the then Steadman. My friend David introduced after he was introduced by another schoolmate who...

How Kenyans Below 30 should vote in 2017.Lesson from BREXIT Referendum

The UK is leaving the European Union. David Cameron is also leaving 10 downing street. The UKs highest ranking official in the EU is...

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