Kenyan Media Focus on the Supreme Court Proceedings

The Kenyan Media will interrupt normal programs on TV to focus the Supreme Court proceedings on Saturday 26th August 2017. This is a significant date to Kenya’s electoral process.

The court rooms will likely feature bands of journalists from all Media Houses in Kenya and the world. The case before it has drawn so much attention.

The swearing in of the president elect is on halt until the case has been decided. The decision by the seven judge bench will be final.

Interestingly the case will be starting at 7 pm Kenyan time and probably running the entire week.

There will be no time for resting as this decides the fate of who becomes the most powerful Kenyan in the next seven days.

The opposition band wagon has laid forth a series of allegations against the Independent Electoral and Boundaries commission.

Chief among them is the elections being a sham and full of irregularities. However, the IEBC maintains that the 2017 elections in Kenya were free fair and credible to

Kenya Elections 2017: How the situation is a day to the Polls

The Campaigns are officially over. The law stipulates that no campaign activities should be allowed 48 hours to the Election Day making August 5th the official day for campaign halt.

Kenyan firms are preparing employees for the worst. Some companies have communicated to their employees on emergency procedures with supervisor checking on their juniors during this election period.

The stock market on the other hands seems to defy the supposed tension and continued to trade on Monday morning.

There has been a massive relocation of people from urban cities with Nairobi experience smooth traffic towards the city centre contrary to the norm. One Facebook user posted how fast he moved from Kiambu to Waiyaki way.

The city which is usually a buzz with activity saw reduced activities with a few business opening.

Kenya’s busiest high way s saw reduced traffic with most people regrouped and joined their families upcountry.

Kenya heads to an election that is hotly contested between to long time and family rivals Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga.

Uhuru Kenyatta is the son of Kenya’s founding president Jomo Kenyatta, and Raila is the son of Kenya’s first vice president Jaramogi Odinga.

The vice presidency has since been scrapped and replaced with a deputy president who is now elected by the people, contrary appointment by the president in the previous regimes.

The IEBC, the commission in-charge of elections, says it is ready for the election of Tuesday, August 8th and Monday is the day when election materials are expected to reach polling stations across the country.

There has been concern over the list of polling stations said not to have internet coverage, with twitter users calling on the IEBC to be careful since some of the areas on the list are said to have 3G to 4G internet speeds.




Major Events leading up to Kenya Elections 2017

The world is aware that Kenyans will be heading for the ballot on August 8th, 2017. Kenya Elections 2017 has been searched a thousand times given the heated rivalry between the incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta and the opposition stalwart Raila Odinga who is running on his Orange Democratic Party ticket backed by National Super Alliance.

Raila Odinga had taken to court to stop the printing of presidential ballots claiming that there was a plot to rig the election. The court ruled in their favour, a decision that was reversed after IEBC appealed the case.

President Uhuru Kenyatta boycotted presidential debate 2017. This decision by the president left the former prime minister Raila Odinga on his own to sell himself to Kenyans.

The deputy president appeared on the media to claim that they were being blackmailed into debates. Despite the indication that Uhuru would not attend the debate, the presidential debate organising committee went ahead to advertised the debate.

Deputy president also missed the running mates debates. The running coalition passed the opportunity of live coverage with more than 9milion Kenyans watching the debate.

The major events in the 2017 elections also include the military involvement in the 2017 Kenya election which the opposition party opposed. The revelations came in the wake of the claim that Jubilee had plans to rig the elections. The cabinet secretary has played down NASA claims and branded the document presented as fake and fabricated to instil fear in the minds of Kenyans

Kenyans took to social media to condemn printing of extra 1milion presidential ballot papers. Dr Akuro Aukot, running on a less popular third-way alliance called on the IEBC to destroy additional ballots saying it was a recipe for disaster. All social media requests fell on deaf ears.

The murder of ICT director Chris Musando less than ten days to the election raised concerns about the credibility of the elections. The authorities are yet to unravel the mystery on who killed him and why? Many questions are being asked including who stands to benefit from the death of the man in charge of the security of the IEBC voting system.

Letter to National Super Alliance NASA


I am sincerely not buying your idea of unseating the incumbent regime. Your intentions are questionable and thus your morals. You launched your ambition with a rather overpublicized idealess event which was richly attended virtually by the poor with eyes glued to their screens. Your existence seems to have been designed not to last beyond nominations.  It is like your loosely attached hands will fall off your body the moment they realise your short sightedness. Your feet will stop walking at the realisation that your brain isn’t that brilliant.

I have heard of the connotations of your name NASA. Does it mean you want to jail the incumbent or you just want to prove a point? From my understanding, the bedrock of any political ideology must be the people, the citizenry. You seem to have a focus more on unseating the incumbent. I don’t think that I should think that you have an agenda for me.

The only thing I admire about you is your ability to bring ideological enemies (family supremacy) in the same room, on the same table and try to share the cake. That is commendable from you. I wonder how Tinga was able to fall into an affair with you. Tinga is an egoistic maniac with an innate desire to sooth his ego than serving the ever loyal population of Uyoma who are languishing in abject poverty. Did you know that your brain was part of Tinga in the other body before you were born?

I agree that the incumbent has had many failures than I expected. The incumbent has allowed looting to be an avenue to seeking political office. I agree that we need change. Change that will track down all the looters and bring them to justice. I think we need change that will restore public trust in the familiarised political system. My friend NASA, you need to understand that you are just a vehicle. But you are allowed to object to any assertions that you can be involved in family battles.

NASA, we live in a 21st-century world full of ill-informed literate criminals who steal from the poor, Such that the wealthy get richer and poor become miserably poorer. No one can break the false pretence of patriotism where private developers grab elementary school playing grounds, and the incumbent unconventionally puts five generations to come in debt. Then when a minute number of bold, loud-mouthed activists make noise, they are thrown behind bars. When they come out, they also aspire to bring change. When they get into the system; even the holier than thou clerics get corrupted.

Lastly, know that I tried my best to convey my message to you in the best way I can. I usually don’t hesitate to throw in a few F-words when I am pissed off. In the last paragraph above, I realised I was way out of line, and I decided that it should end here. My desire is you don’t die like your brother NARC and PNU. Oooh, and you should be aware that incumbent will apparently succumb if he manages to clinch the seat again. I hope you are different. And I don’t like you, and I don’t like your intentions as well.

What you need to do is to convince me that you have me in your plans. Otherwise just stop telling me about the incumbent and start telling me about you. I know who the incumbent is.