Leaked IEBC Memo Shows Deep Rooted Problems

A memo leaked to the public show deep sited rifts between the election commission under the leadership of Wafula Chebukati and its Secretariat headed by Ezra Chiloba.

IEBC Chairman Wafula Chebukati demanded response and explanation on 12 pertinent issues that affected the August 8th election from the commissions CEO.

The supreme court ruling seems to have a ripple effect on the event that led to incumbent Kenyatta being declared the winner of August 8th elections

Mr Chebukati seems not be aware of a user created in his name that performed over 9000 transactions on IEBC servers at the Bomas of Kenya including deletions that raised credibility queries.

The commission spent close to 1 billion to purchase satellite phones primarily for use in areas where there was no network coverage by the major communications networks in Kenya. Kenyan elections were said to be too expensive to the tax payers. The amount spent on gadgets that were not necessary for a country who technological advancement has been lauded worldwide is mind boggling.

Kenyan nurses have been and are still on strike for lack of better pay and poor working condition. The university lecturers plan to down their tools soon for the same reason. Kenya seems to have its priorities wrong with overemphasis event rather than making the country a better place.

Kenya Elections 2017: How the situation is a day to the Polls

The Campaigns are officially over. The law stipulates that no campaign activities should be allowed 48 hours to the Election Day making August 5th the official day for campaign halt.

Kenyan firms are preparing employees for the worst. Some companies have communicated to their employees on emergency procedures with supervisor checking on their juniors during this election period.

The stock market on the other hands seems to defy the supposed tension and continued to trade on Monday morning.

There has been a massive relocation of people from urban cities with Nairobi experience smooth traffic towards the city centre contrary to the norm. One Facebook user posted how fast he moved from Kiambu to Waiyaki way.

The city which is usually a buzz with activity saw reduced activities with a few business opening.

Kenya’s busiest high way s saw reduced traffic with most people regrouped and joined their families upcountry.

Kenya heads to an election that is hotly contested between to long time and family rivals Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga.

Uhuru Kenyatta is the son of Kenya’s founding president Jomo Kenyatta, and Raila is the son of Kenya’s first vice president Jaramogi Odinga.

The vice presidency has since been scrapped and replaced with a deputy president who is now elected by the people, contrary appointment by the president in the previous regimes.

The IEBC, the commission in-charge of elections, says it is ready for the election of Tuesday, August 8th and Monday is the day when election materials are expected to reach polling stations across the country.

There has been concern over the list of polling stations said not to have internet coverage, with twitter users calling on the IEBC to be careful since some of the areas on the list are said to have 3G to 4G internet speeds.




Kenya Elections 2017. What you Need to Know This Week

Curtains will be coming down on Saturday 5th August for all political aspirants required to halt campaigns as Kenyans head for the ballot on the 8th of August.

Christopher Musando, A senior IEBC official, went missing after television interview last week. He is yet to be found. This happened when the IEBC prepared to test its voting kit. His disappearance raises questions to the credibility of the election given that he is the ICT director at the commission.

The motive behind an intrusion into Deputy President William Ruto’s Sugoi home is yet to be known. The lone attacker held the police to a 19-hour standoff before he was eventually neutralised. It remains unknown whether the attack is related to the forth coming elections.

Fake news continues to reign havoc at a critical time in Kenya. Propagandists have taken advantage of the free social media to instil fear through false news into the mind of voters. Nation Media has published tips to detecting fake news in its local dailies.

Bus Stations have seen a swelling demand for transportation as Nairobi dwellers leave the city with fear of violence before, during and after the elections. However, Nairobi’s ODM gubernatorial candidate who is also the sitting governor pleaded with the town dwellers not to travel insisting that their votes are paramount in bring change to the country. He asked his supporter to adopt bus stations and stop people from moving at this critical time.

It is a week ahead of the start of the 2017/18 premier league season which will be flagged off with a community shield match between FA cup winners Arsenal and the premier league champions Chelsea at the Wembley Stadium. The premier league remains a very popular league in Kenya with top teams enjoying a huge following.

Involvement of The Military in Kenya’s 2017 Election May be Hazardious

Analysts are already eulogising trumps presidency. At this rate, no one is scared of the United States, and polls suggest the lowest approval ratings for President Donald Trump.

Kenya is going through an election in 2017, and there are thousands of lessons for the Kenyan voters. Electing leaders shouldn’t be guided by hatred of a candidate rather love for another candidate. People should vote for Uhuru Kenyatta because they hate Raila Odinga but rather vote because they believe in the vision and promises of the Uhuru Kenyatta.

Raila Amollo Odinga called a press conference to express his displeasure with purported military interference with the forth coming election. He said, “we have received credible evidence that the army is training a task force to interfere with the August 8th Elections.” Member of the media also attended the press conference and streamed live on facebook through Raila’s Facebook account.

The NASA flag bearer and ODM party leader further reiterated that it is not the role of the military in handle internal security. It is the work of the national police he lamented. He also said that they would boycott the election of the military continues with its plan to interfere with the elections. He says there are planning of jamming connectivity to ensure that the election is rigged. These are utterances may have severe consequences and her neighbours.

What if the allegation is right? Is boycotting the election a solution? The ballot papers are already printed and ready and in what way does NASA plan to boycott the election? The unsubstantiated claim from the opposition which was relayed raw without presentation of evidence raises the serious questions on the preparedness of Kenya towards this election.

If I read the mood correctly, it is possible that boycotting means something else. It means calling for people not to turn out for voting or maybe something worse. Worse in the sense that parts of the country voters might be afraid of voting.

The military must desist from any activity relating to elections and concentrate on its pivotal role in keeping our borders non-porous. They should deal with the enemy that has repeatedly breached the border to distort social order which results in serious injuries and death to the extreme. The military must be professional in their discharge of duties, and there should never be a single element to doubt their neutrality from this election. The military should be trusted beyond reasonable as we head towards this volatile times.

NASA must concentrate on its campaign and try to win voters instead of scaring the country with the claim that might bring back the wounds of disputed 2007 elections. There is no turning back. The ballot papers are already printed and on the 8th Kenyans will be lining up to choose their leaders. If NASA plans to boycott the election, they shouldn’t stand on television to call for their supporters not to vote.

The media needs to be more vigilant than ever. The type of content delivered to Kenyans must be screened to weed out propaganda and rumours. Corresponding evidence should accompany every allegation.

Jubilee, on the other hand, should be as clean as it says it is. They shouldn’t be thought to behind any plot to rig or interfere with the elections.

IEBC being an independent body, in collaboration with the courts should take these allegations with utmost urgency. The peace and stability of Kenya of paramount importance, not just to Kenya, but to the entire world who see Kenya strategically located for business and travel. We cannot afford to lose our country to chaos once again. I choose PEACE.


What Kenyans Need to Know Now

Our founding fathers wanted a fair country. A country where everyone, regardless of gender orientation, age or faith, had equal opportunity to pursue and achieve happiness in the lives. They envisioned a stronger future society that would thrive under democratic capitalism and economic equity. They hoped for a community that was empowered to exercise their freedom and constitutional right to decide who governs them.

Every Kenyan has an equal chance to pursue happiness in their lifetime and contribute to improving the livelihood of generations to come. What our freedom fighters would like to see is:

  • A country free of ailments for infants and mothers. that is why we need free access to Medicare
  • A democratic nation guided by national values. They wanted to see citizens who were passionate about their country and ready to defend it.
  • A diverse nation that disagrees to agree. A country of 42 tribes that coexisted peacefully harmoniously
  • A country that presents an equal opportunity for both men and women to compete and pursue their interests without fear

I believe and share in the vision of those who laid the foundation of this great nation. The selflessness of our founders gave us an equal chance to compete on the same level as every active citizen in the entire country.

I have an equal constitutional right to chase my dream of becoming independent and self-sufficient. I have the same opportunity to contribute towards making America comfortable now and even stronger for the generations to come.

For my family and friends, they all have that chance to participate in making the dream a reality. It is the prerogative of everyone who shares the belief and values of the America to take their part in the making of history.

There will be people who do not share the same values and would want to see Kenya fail, but it’s the duty of those of us who believe in the spirit of equity and equality to prove otherwise.

The Kenyan democracy may be the only hope to the realization of the dream through the formation of governments that are inclusive and just and fair to all. We may share varied opinions as regards power, but the ability to accommodate those who differ with and forge ahead as a country is what makes us great.

Although our democracy may seem hijacked by a few selfish and corrupt individuals, our ability to stand up to them and say no is what will make the next generation stronger?