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Which Insurance Company in Kenya for Car Insurance

Please fill in the form and I will get in touch to assist you in making a choice.

Understanding Marine Insurance.

Attending some training is so beneficial and I had the opportunity to attend one. These are some of the notes I scribbled from a...

Bancassurance in Kenyan Banks; Small history

One of my college roommates got in touch today after a long time. He started looking into what I am doing right now and...

Motor Vehicle insurance in Kenya

My boss was around over the last few days of last week. I was late for the morning training and I was never allowed...

Why you need insurance

I love knowing. It’s a nice feeling when you know. Having talked about why your insurance claim will never be paid, I thought it...

Why Insurance claim wasn’t paid

In my quest to sell insurance I encounter challenges explaining to people why their claims were repudiated. In fact the word insurance in Kenya...

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