Involvement of The Military in Kenya’s 2017 Election May be Hazardious

Analysts are already eulogising trumps presidency. At this rate, no one is scared of the United States, and polls suggest the lowest approval ratings for President Donald Trump.

Kenya is going through an election in 2017, and there are thousands of lessons for the Kenyan voters. Electing leaders shouldn’t be guided by hatred of a candidate rather love for another candidate. People should vote for Uhuru Kenyatta because they hate Raila Odinga but rather vote because they believe in the vision and promises of the Uhuru Kenyatta.

Raila Amollo Odinga called a press conference to express his displeasure with purported military interference with the forth coming election. He said, “we have received credible evidence that the army is training a task force to interfere with the August 8th Elections.” Member of the media also attended the press conference and streamed live on facebook through Raila’s Facebook account.

The NASA flag bearer and ODM party leader further reiterated that it is not the role of the military in handle internal security. It is the work of the national police he lamented. He also said that they would boycott the election of the military continues with its plan to interfere with the elections. He says there are planning of jamming connectivity to ensure that the election is rigged. These are utterances may have severe consequences and her neighbours.

What if the allegation is right? Is boycotting the election a solution? The ballot papers are already printed and ready and in what way does NASA plan to boycott the election? The unsubstantiated claim from the opposition which was relayed raw without presentation of evidence raises the serious questions on the preparedness of Kenya towards this election.

If I read the mood correctly, it is possible that boycotting means something else. It means calling for people not to turn out for voting or maybe something worse. Worse in the sense that parts of the country voters might be afraid of voting.

The military must desist from any activity relating to elections and concentrate on its pivotal role in keeping our borders non-porous. They should deal with the enemy that has repeatedly breached the border to distort social order which results in serious injuries and death to the extreme. The military must be professional in their discharge of duties, and there should never be a single element to doubt their neutrality from this election. The military should be trusted beyond reasonable as we head towards this volatile times.

NASA must concentrate on its campaign and try to win voters instead of scaring the country with the claim that might bring back the wounds of disputed 2007 elections. There is no turning back. The ballot papers are already printed and on the 8th Kenyans will be lining up to choose their leaders. If NASA plans to boycott the election, they shouldn’t stand on television to call for their supporters not to vote.

The media needs to be more vigilant than ever. The type of content delivered to Kenyans must be screened to weed out propaganda and rumours. Corresponding evidence should accompany every allegation.

Jubilee, on the other hand, should be as clean as it says it is. They shouldn’t be thought to behind any plot to rig or interfere with the elections.

IEBC being an independent body, in collaboration with the courts should take these allegations with utmost urgency. The peace and stability of Kenya of paramount importance, not just to Kenya, but to the entire world who see Kenya strategically located for business and travel. We cannot afford to lose our country to chaos once again. I choose PEACE.


Why 2017 is a Great Year

Decisions are taking a different course. Apparently North Korea is poking USA with missile tests and USA didn’t ask Russia permission to bomb airfields in Syria which wasn’t good taste for the Russians and then there is this tension. Are we heading to WW3? But look at this positively. People are doing whatever they do to secure their interests.

We need to change how we think about power and politics. I am in awe of what has just hapenned the last six months in the political spectrum. From the US trump triumph to France to Brexit and Cameron exit, to the drama in Gambia and DRC and now elections in Kenya. South Koreans ousted their president and she is heading to prison faster than thought.

In 2016, I spent sweet time hating and tweeting hatred about @realdonaldtrump (now @POTUS) the current occupant of the whitehouse I was cock sure he was not going to win. I supported and retweeted every negative sentiment written about trump by the New York Times, huffingtinpost and the wall Street Journal.

Pollsters indicated a landslide win for democrat nominee who was endorsed by the outgoing president. And the Americans said no, they wanted to make America great again. And boom!! 2017 began with Americans handing power to perhaps the most inexperienced businessman who never held a political office before. Democrats, president Obama, New York Times editorial board and me, we were all wrong. Then the democrat, being democratic, conceded defeat and I’m left with my mouth open. “Who concedes defeat in Africa?” I tend to think conceding is unafrican.

Look here, in Gambia the other day, the sitting president was voted out and he conceded defeat and then he changed his mind when he realized he was in Africa. Then he was forcefully removed from office. This is my interpretation, he wanted to buy time to loot and he did.

Kenya is voting in 2017. The second election in the new constitution dispensation. Kenya adopted a new form of leadership and introduced new positions for politicians which I think was a plot to swindle us. And then created counties for equitable resource distribution which I feel was great.  But then there is something new that is developing in the Kenyan political landscape. Having to vie in certain area is like a direct ticket. So the battle ground is slowly shifting from the actual elections to election primaries.

What is being witnessed in 2017 primaries is something unique. I feel democracy is taking shape especially after seeing seasoned political bigwigs floored in their respective offices. Some are still in office but they can’t guarantee themselves a seat in parliament or senate after the next general elections.

Its high time politicians start thinking seriously about the people. The will of the people has the power over ego and wealth and arrogance that has consistently been seen among Kenyan politicians. Kabogo has been shown the door. The wealthy Kiambu Governor won’t be defending his seat on his favourite party. That’s milestone for the people of Kiambu County. We need more counties to take the same action for thieves who have failed in their mandate to the electorate.

Letter to National Super Alliance NASA


I am sincerely not buying your idea of unseating the incumbent regime. Your intentions are questionable and thus your morals. You launched your ambition with a rather overpublicized idealess event which was richly attended virtually by the poor with eyes glued to their screens. Your existence seems to have been designed not to last beyond nominations.  It is like your loosely attached hands will fall off your body the moment they realise your short sightedness. Your feet will stop walking at the realisation that your brain isn’t that brilliant.

I have heard of the connotations of your name NASA. Does it mean you want to jail the incumbent or you just want to prove a point? From my understanding, the bedrock of any political ideology must be the people, the citizenry. You seem to have a focus more on unseating the incumbent. I don’t think that I should think that you have an agenda for me.

The only thing I admire about you is your ability to bring ideological enemies (family supremacy) in the same room, on the same table and try to share the cake. That is commendable from you. I wonder how Tinga was able to fall into an affair with you. Tinga is an egoistic maniac with an innate desire to sooth his ego than serving the ever loyal population of Uyoma who are languishing in abject poverty. Did you know that your brain was part of Tinga in the other body before you were born?

I agree that the incumbent has had many failures than I expected. The incumbent has allowed looting to be an avenue to seeking political office. I agree that we need change. Change that will track down all the looters and bring them to justice. I think we need change that will restore public trust in the familiarised political system. My friend NASA, you need to understand that you are just a vehicle. But you are allowed to object to any assertions that you can be involved in family battles.

NASA, we live in a 21st-century world full of ill-informed literate criminals who steal from the poor, Such that the wealthy get richer and poor become miserably poorer. No one can break the false pretence of patriotism where private developers grab elementary school playing grounds, and the incumbent unconventionally puts five generations to come in debt. Then when a minute number of bold, loud-mouthed activists make noise, they are thrown behind bars. When they come out, they also aspire to bring change. When they get into the system; even the holier than thou clerics get corrupted.

Lastly, know that I tried my best to convey my message to you in the best way I can. I usually don’t hesitate to throw in a few F-words when I am pissed off. In the last paragraph above, I realised I was way out of line, and I decided that it should end here. My desire is you don’t die like your brother NARC and PNU. Oooh, and you should be aware that incumbent will apparently succumb if he manages to clinch the seat again. I hope you are different. And I don’t like you, and I don’t like your intentions as well.

What you need to do is to convince me that you have me in your plans. Otherwise just stop telling me about the incumbent and start telling me about you. I know who the incumbent is.