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The Media lied and misled the world on 2016 US election


The US election in 2016 made history. The rise of a businessman- with no political or military or public service experience.

No wonder the president-elect mocked 2008 Obama opponent John Mccain as not being  a war hero since he was captured. The whole campaign period @realdonaldtrump left a bad taste in the mouths of many with his speeches. I would not have voted for him had I been an American.

Yet his thoughts and ideas dovetailed and resonated with the desire of the majority of Americans who loved him more every time the media vilified him. He took the platform and represented the real Americans on the ground. Elsewhere Minnesota celebrates the victory of the first ever legislator of Somali decent.

The media did all it could to get @hillaryClinton to power but that did not deter the desire of the American people to elect whoever they wanted to be their president. Some analysts say America was not ready for a female president while some say @realdonaldtrump explored the anger within the common citizenry to rise to the presidency.

@realfonaldtrump told Americans what they wanted to hear. Despite being painted as a racist, sexist, and lack of a proper policy agenda for the American people still he was so sure that he would win the election.Back to Minnesota.

Back to Minnesota. It is a bit difficult to understand what the media portrayed when they say Somali- American decent rather than just say an African American. Do Somalis have any other native home apart from Africa? If not why are blacks in the US referred to as African american and not Somalis? If Somalis exist else where apart from Africa, the same way black people are scattered as well.

Why single out the ethnic background of a leader duly elected by fellow Americans?,

In 2008, President Obama won the US elections to become the 44th president and the first ever president with African roots. He was the first ever African American president. But there is no way Somali can be compared to Africa and thus it is rather prejudice to referred to the elected legislator in Minnesota as Somali-American.

Let her be either American or African-American as it is with the rest of the American population.

The New York Times editorial board publicly endorsed @hillaryclinton for presidency with the belief that they represented the views of majority of Americans. They dedicated resources aimed at tearing apart @realdonaldtrump with reporting digging up history to show his racist nature.

The irony of it all was that it worked all in favour of trump with most citizens identifying with him as a human being. He defended all his actions confidently without the fear of losing grip of the goal he had to become the president of the United States. Even the Washington post was able to retrieve some of the most annoying thing trump said in the past that really tarnished his name.

But again it all seemed to work in favour of @realdonaldtrump.