A local underwriter here in Kenya was elated on reading my piece in banc assurance history in Kenya. He said;“I read your article on LinkedIn, It was amazing! I never knew you could write on insurance. Keep it up.”
I asked him how he knew I wrote the article.

“Your name was displayed there in large fonts. I definitely knew that was you.” He didn’t get it. He couldn’t distinguish an article share on LinkedIn and an article on LinkedIn. He was reading an article I wrote on my blog. I never told him about the blog although we interact daily in the course of business. Obviously I knew I wrote the article to answer a rather naïve question from a former roommate in college.

Insurance uptake in Kenya is below 3% with most of the people thinking that it is the preserve of the rich. Bima insurance intends to introduce mobile based insurance in Kenya in the near future. This is perhaps buoyed by the idea that Kenyans take mobile phone innovations more seriously.

If you are not contributing to any scheme, you should consider joining one. Most of the people I spoke to while selling insurance said insurance never pay claims. Please ask yourself why your insurance claim was never paid.

Most analysts feel that there is growth opportunity in insurance in Africa with world largest insurers taking up majority stakes in Local insurance firms. This is in an effort to align themselves with the reality that insurance will be a major thing in the coming years.

My boss has several I insurance policies running, he thinks they are six. He co-owns a spare parts shops with his wife and he also has a restaurant where he has employed people to run. I met a former colleague in the streets of Mombasa and she asked me if I knew the director. He meant my boss.