Public Likes

Public Likes is a get rich quick scheme that has been red flagged as the next big scam in Kenya. The website’s popularity has risen very fast in the second quota of 2017 heading to the elections.

Visitors to this site spend at least 30 minutes daily according to analysis website Alexa. This reduced the bounce rate of the site beating the 3rd most popular gossip and raw news website TUKO

Public Likes has more Kenyan MALE visitors than females and is ranked 11th most popular site in Kenya.(12076 most popular globally). The desire to make more money faster has propelled the website’s success online

The site is visited more by college graduated visitors with at least more than half having degrees. The website has never advertised itself and the strategy to give visitors free money has given it all it needs.

More than half of the visitors to public likes visit it from home internet with the rest opting to visit the website from work. No school going visitors on this website. Well educated people, mostly millennial men want more money faster and easy.


Tuko is a Gossip and Raw news website that first appeared in the seen in 2015. The website features local news mostly targeting gossip lovers in Kenya.

The site owners invested heavily through advertising which has paid off. Tuko now ranks as the 3rd most popular site behind google and youtube in Kenya. is more popular that renowned social media sites like Facebook and twitter.

More than half of visitors reside in Kenya. Astonishingly the website does not give any unique content for users., unlike public likes, own a mobile app and in most cases, the site comes bookmarked in opera mini browser perhaps due to its popularity

Visitors spend about seven and a half minutes on the site. has a high bounce of about 50% which means most visitors do not want to be on the site.

Women form the largest category of visitors based on gender on the website compared to men, a clear indication of how women love to gossip. Men, on the other hand, tend to enjoy free money.

The site is mostly visited mostly from work places followed by unknown locations, probably visitors on transit and then schoolers.