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Traits that shows your boss is a micro-manager



I did not find a better photo for this post so I chose an old photo I downloaded from the internet. I It is a post on how to stand out from the rest of the crew. Job satisfaction and stuff like that. So I start with a personal story and struggles in my sales job. I read sales pitch last issue and I learned that consistency is key in succeeding as a columnist.

I stopped worrying about my job. Then I was transferred to another branch. Perhaps change would rejuvenate me at a time when I wanted to quit. In fact after the transfer I reconsidered staying a little longer to see how it turns out to be.

I had been a successful failure in my previous place and the only thing I wanted was change. Which was never granted owing to my inability to push for figures that would defend me in times of crisis like this one. I felt my boss never wanted me at my station and every time I saw him, it was a moment of torture for me.

I creating an impression that I am a performer even when things seemed challenging. No one wanted to believe that I did not meet my targets. I am the most outspoken person at the branch with thousands of ideas, mouth streaming with ways to improve productivity, research, schooling and presentation skills on point and to add the icing on the cake, I have some sense of humor. When I come in in the morning every one smiles and they are happy to see me.

If your manager micro-manages you, don’t  show him you are his friend.

He tends to use the challenges that I face to instill fear in me. I am likely to spend the entire day discussing how useless he is and why he should never have been a boss in the first place. Micro-manager never insults. But the cases example he uses to explain a concept to me will make you feel stupid. Every one in the meeting will laugh at and possibly call me names based.

You tell him your leads, it becomes the only thing

Do you know how it feels when I have to call my leads every day to remind them products I have for them and why they should buy? That sucks if I have to repeat the same thing everyday. I know it is important to keep the customer informed of what you have, but pressuring them sometimes puts them off.

If you want to make your customers happy, make your employees happy first.