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Typical Morning in a Coastal Suburb


It is early morning here. Mwadhini just announced the Morning Prayer. He has been my timekeeper for years since my precious time high school. He would faithfully wake me up every morning and remind me that there is a lot to be accomplished.

I hear, from a distance, a cock trying to keep up with the pace of the city. Here the mosques have rendered chicken redundant or just condemned them to the accustomed evening parties.

It’s the same time that the train hoots as it slowly and melodically drags itself downtown.

So much has changed in my life. Since I moved from the village where the cocoo was dominant in the mornings, the morning matatus hoots and loud mouthed matatu touts have taken over. Touts have evolved into full-fledged herbivores always chewing the cud; Muguka and Veve.

Who moved matatu pickup point next to residential areas? The environment is unbearable and dangerous for children. Its common to find saying such as “kusoma kwingi uoga wa maisha” meaning “too much education is fear of facing life”

too much education is fear of facing life

In the village, the birds would sing sweet melodies before embarking on their daily hassles of keeping the kids busy and crop cross-pollination. I miss beautiful songs from the confines of their homes in the heat of the day

What I see in my city nowadays is a purely blended concoction of noise chaos. It gets worse as the shadows become shorter. Human beings have become more violent and less tolerant as the years go by.

Tao tao tao! Salasini tao!” (town,  town, town, thirty shillings to town). They violently try to attract the attention of the multitude of travelers and non-travelers. The jobless youth turned Con artists prey on the unnoticing passengers by creating fictitious crowds and unnecessary commotion just to swindle real travelers of their valuables.

The traffic officer is overwhelmed by the lawless matatu operators. He is divided between controlling traffic and helping a woman who just lost her wallet. No one really cares about anyone here a contrast of the village.

Children play evolved from soaking themselves in muddy water to well-arranged predefined playing rooms. Play is encourage even for working population since it tends to improve productivity. The interaction between children has been minimized all in the quest to have children who behave in a particular manner.

Times are tough forcing women into unthinkable hassles of feeding there families. Some say it is because men have failed in their God-given responsibility. Others blame the political class for doing nothing to cub skyrocketing food prices. In kenya corruption is enshrined in to the social fabric such that its almost morally okay to be corrupt although most people dispute.