Home Opinion Waiguru….How do even get married to her?

Waiguru….How do even get married to her?


Its obvious for the last three months google should tell us that the most searched queries included the above key words. The scandal has been the mention of every media house and I wonder why she took so long to give in. How could she ask the president to give her lighter duties?

How do you even date her? She is so scandalous! How does explain to her children what’s on TV every evening bulletin?Steaming madHer children are growing up hearing a lot.

The Kenyan economy has had the burden of dealing scandals for the last three regimes. The rich get richer and the poor continue to be poor or even get poorer. The difference between Kenya as a developing country and US, a developed country, is that in developed countries rule of law is paramount. The slightest abuse of office gets in public domain, that marks the end.