Not everyone can be you, and we are all unique in our ways. Some say there is no perfect being. Somehow we have our imperfections and the strengths of other complete us.

With our weaknesses together we are stronger than we think. The synergy created when we are together is much more powerful than our individual strengths combined.

As we head into the election year, full blown campaign period as some of us present ourselves as leaders, it is imperatively important that we understand the need to be objective.

The journey of building a cohesive nation went over a difficult hurdle sometime in the last decade. It is almost a decade since we turned against each other. Now is that time that we need to reflect on those moments again and be wise.

  1. Stop being myopic and consider a broader perspective. What benefits does the politician bring to the country?

In the last general elections, Kenyans overwhelmingly voted for the current ruling coalition. There was a lot of hope in the eyes of hundreds of thousands of school going children.

The country was on the brink of a breakthrough with the digital government promising laptops. As much as this seems a far-fetched idea of what they ought to have achieved, there is need to evaluate whether there has been an improvement in the quality of education

2. Corrupt leaders won’t take us anywhere. As you work to clear your debt, they put your children’s children in debt.

Towards the end of 2015, there reports of widespread epidemic striking the Kilifi and Tana River counties as well as some parts of Kwale county. In the reign of the devolved governance system, people shouldn’t be dying of hunger.

It is clear that there has been lapse somewhere. A county government being accused of multimillion corruption scandals while the population is dying for lack of food. Not that these population didn’t do their part. They did. They tilled the land, the planted crops hoping to make a harvest. Unfortunately, the drought did a lot of damage, and they had to seek help.

3. Land is not the only asset you can have. The best asset is your brain and ability to work and feed your family day in day out.

Am toiling now to build my space online. I working to buy land on the online space. The internet will be massive. Think about that!

4. Our media is biased. Listen partly to them but let them not decide for you.

Did you know that in developed world media takes a stand who to support? Now you know. The New York Times editorial board publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton for the presidency in the United States. She lost to Donald Trump. That you know.

What lesson do you get from America decides 2016?