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Welcome to 2017. Like us on facebook and Twitter.


Hello folks! Happy new year and thank you for stopping by. As we continue to focus on the future, I am elated to have been able to see the end of 2016. What have you done? Here are the achievements I have made in 2016:

1. I did not kill the website. Previously, I never renewed the domains I used which means u had to loose audience. This year I managed to stay put and the blog is alive. That is a milestone.

2. I moved from a free theme to premium one. You must have noted the difference in December. It cost me to have it which means I am investing. I maintained my hosting guy though I thought his service in 2015 was poor.

3. I graduated from college and now I am focusing wholly on the blog beside my day job. This blog doesn’t pay so I have to feed myself and my family.

4. I introduced my friend to blogging and I gave him space on this blog but he quit after a month. I am glad I convinced him to joined n me which he did with enthusiasm then everything faded away. I wasn’t paying him to write.

The best thing that happened to me and the blog in 2016 is the life of the blog still ON

Despite tremendous growth in page views over the last one year, there is need to keep going. Do you think you can write? Drop me an email. I will be more than glad to give you pay for that if you give me good pieces. 2017 I will be hiring ghost writers. Be on the look out.

As we head towards the elections, I would urge all of us to act sober and vote wisely. That would be a milestone if we do not kill each other. It okay if your candidate looses. They won’t be the first to lost.

After all, there is no personal benefit you gain apart from soothing you ego. If he wins that’s fine, trump won but many didn’t vote for him. And if your candidate looses, he won’t be the first. Hillary Clinton lost what she thought was her opportune moment to be the leader of the free world.