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What Kenyans Need to Know Now


Our founding fathers wanted a fair country. A country where everyone, regardless of gender orientation, age or faith, had equal opportunity to pursue and achieve happiness in the lives. They envisioned a stronger future society that would thrive under democratic capitalism and economic equity. They hoped for a community that was empowered to exercise their freedom and constitutional right to decide who governs them.

Every Kenyan has an equal chance to pursue happiness in their lifetime and contribute to improving the livelihood of generations to come. What our freedom fighters would like to see is:

  • A country free of ailments for infants and mothers. that is why we need free access to Medicare
  • A democratic nation guided by national values. They wanted to see citizens who were passionate about their country and ready to defend it.
  • A diverse nation that disagrees to agree. A country of 42 tribes that coexisted peacefully harmoniously
  • A country that presents an equal opportunity for both men and women to compete and pursue their interests without fear

I believe and share in the vision of those who laid the foundation of this great nation. The selflessness of our founders gave us an equal chance to compete on the same level as every active citizen in the entire country.

I have an equal constitutional right to chase my dream of becoming independent and self-sufficient. I have the same opportunity to contribute towards making America comfortable now and even stronger for the generations to come.

For my family and friends, they all have that chance to participate in making the dream a reality. It is the prerogative of everyone who shares the belief and values of the America to take their part in the making of history.

There will be people who do not share the same values and would want to see Kenya fail, but it’s the duty of those of us who believe in the spirit of equity and equality to prove otherwise.

The Kenyan democracy may be the only hope to the realization of the dream through the formation of governments that are inclusive and just and fair to all. We may share varied opinions as regards power, but the ability to accommodate those who differ with and forge ahead as a country is what makes us great.

Although our democracy may seem hijacked by a few selfish and corrupt individuals, our ability to stand up to them and say no is what will make the next generation stronger?