The Canadian Centre for Occupational health views work/life balance from two fronts.

  • You have all the time in the world yet you accomplish nothing. Schedules conflict and you end up underachieving despite your potential.
  • When you feel overstretched, overworked and overwhelmed by multiple roles that are too demanding.

When you face any of the above two scenarios, then it is said to be a work/life balance issue. It is interesting that scholars use work/life and not work-life or the balance between work and life.

It has become rather difficult to distinguish between the life of individuals and their work.

If one aspect of the above is affected, then the other is consequently affected. Achieving a good work/life balance is paramount in making you optimal, productive and remain healthy both emotionally as well as mentally. 

The world is connected and almost everyone is online. Just check around you, if someone isn’t talking to you, then they are online talking to someone else. Technology has driven us physically further apart and virtually closer and connected.

Do not be scared to be offline

Sometimes this is the only way to be rejuvenated. Do not be a slave to your mobile phone. You never want to be off because you think an opportunity might pass you. It never works that way.

If you by any chance forget to carry your cell phone don’t beat yourself hard. You should learn to maneuver through the day without the help of your cell phone. I understand that this sounds medieval buy its the truth. Being offline brings a whole new perspective.

Mobile phones drive us apart physically but bring us together virtually

In the mid 90’s Africa had no cell phones. I couldn’t confirm my full names from my mother because she was miles away and I needed to be enrolled in school. There was no time to get her advice on this and people in my life started fixing things for me. I fixed my birthday later and in life.

My current names are not the names I was given at my birth. I learned to make my choices because my mother was never there and I feel I am a better person for not consulting too much when I was younger.

There is a thin line between your job and your life. It is therefore paramount that you make your job as your life since sometimes its the one that matters how you live.