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Where are these days?


Adam Johnson will be jailed for the next six years for charges related to sexual activity with a minor. This is at least the second high profile personality to go down after Oscar Pistoris was charged with murder. This is a clear indication that no one is above the law. It is sad to hear high profile celebrities being charged and sentenced for misconduct and going against the law. In the developed world, the law rules. This is in contrast with developing countries where president change the constitution to contest for another term in office, a continent where political leader use public funds for personal projects and trusted professional loot from the government.

It is in Africa where corruption has been a norm and every good man that stands up for the poor is corrupted and turned into an animal that never thinks of others. Her in Africa, and particularly Kenya, that when politicians fail to convince voters starts lamenting that our tribe has been overlooked. Our politicians steal from their own pockets.

When I was eight, I picked a twenty shilling note in my uncles leaving room and made it mine. I don’t remember what I used the money for but I remember every member of the household being lined to explain where the money was. After it was obvious that no one had picked the note, it turned out that we would not eat that night, and the next morning. This meant that the next meal would be after 24 hrs and no one was allowed to leave the homestead.

I sneaked out and visited the nearby shop to get my self something to eat. I was caught and asked to explain where I got the money. I insisted that I picked the money and it was not his money. The punishment I received left me with the following lesson.

  • You can never pick money anywhere near or around the compound. If you do, surrender the money to the head of the home.
  • No one is supposed to own any money in the homestead, unless with express permission from the head of the house.
  • Anyone one spotted with any amount should be reported ASAP, otherwise you become a conduit to the crime.

So we lived without desire for money. Any cash we got would first go to the head of the house and then if you want some cash, you can explain your case. No one would have a phone if it was today, unless you have really passed your exams and you are supposed to join a far off college.

Shopping was all inclusive. No one would do there own shopping. Food was for everyone, if you are not present during a meal, you wait for the next meal. Where are these rules in Kenya today?

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