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Why 2017 is a Great Year


Decisions are taking a different course. Apparently North Korea is poking USA with missile tests and USA didn’t ask Russia permission to bomb airfields in Syria which wasn’t good taste for the Russians and then there is this tension. Are we heading to WW3? But look at this positively. People are doing whatever they do to secure their interests.

We need to change how we think about power and politics. I am in awe of what has just hapenned the last six months in the political spectrum. From the US trump triumph to France to Brexit and Cameron exit, to the drama in Gambia and DRC and now elections in Kenya. South Koreans ousted their president and she is heading to prison faster than thought.

In 2016, I spent sweet time hating and tweeting hatred about @realdonaldtrump (now @POTUS) the current occupant of the whitehouse I was cock sure he was not going to win. I supported and retweeted every negative sentiment written about trump by the New York Times, huffingtinpost and the wall Street Journal.

Pollsters indicated a landslide win for democrat nominee who was endorsed by the outgoing president. And the Americans said no, they wanted to make America great again. And boom!! 2017 began with Americans handing power to perhaps the most inexperienced businessman who never held a political office before. Democrats, president Obama, New York Times editorial board and me, we were all wrong. Then the democrat, being democratic, conceded defeat and I’m left with my mouth open. “Who concedes defeat in Africa?” I tend to think conceding is unafrican.

Look here, in Gambia the other day, the sitting president was voted out and he conceded defeat and then he changed his mind when he realized he was in Africa. Then he was forcefully removed from office. This is my interpretation, he wanted to buy time to loot and he did.

Kenya is voting in 2017. The second election in the new constitution dispensation. Kenya adopted a new form of leadership and introduced new positions for politicians which I think was a plot to swindle us. And then created counties for equitable resource distribution which I feel was great.  But then there is something new that is developing in the Kenyan political landscape. Having to vie in certain area is like a direct ticket. So the battle ground is slowly shifting from the actual elections to election primaries.

What is being witnessed in 2017 primaries is something unique. I feel democracy is taking shape especially after seeing seasoned political bigwigs floored in their respective offices. Some are still in office but they can’t guarantee themselves a seat in parliament or senate after the next general elections.

Its high time politicians start thinking seriously about the people. The will of the people has the power over ego and wealth and arrogance that has consistently been seen among Kenyan politicians. Kabogo has been shown the door. The wealthy Kiambu Governor won’t be defending his seat on his favourite party. That’s milestone for the people of Kiambu County. We need more counties to take the same action for thieves who have failed in their mandate to the electorate.