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Why a SECOND HAND mobile phone could land you in jail.



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Acquiring a mobile phone today is fast, cheap and easy. You just need the right amount of money and preferences. Check out how to choose a mobile phone in Kenya. But hey! be warned. When the deal is too sweet think twice.

Personally I had no concern about how I would acquire a phone. Second hand phones were my thing of course because they were cheap, flexible payment plans and other factors you would throw in. Until I read an article about an innocent man charged with murder and robbery with violence because of a phone.

How exactly would a phone land you in this mess? Going back to the story, this innocent man innocently bought a mobile phone from an acquaintance. The latter was in ‘dire need of cash’ hence the quick transaction and it was a done deal. Little did he know that the phone was stolen from a murder scene. Months after using the phone he was tracked down and he was jailed.

This story published by Nation media group gave me a wake up call. We put all our trust to the seller. Not knowing the story behind the phone.


Each phone has a unique number called International Mobile Equipment Identification which is commonly referred to as IMEI. This tracks down the phone anywhere in the world.

Conmen and thieves took the game a notch higher. They are aware that you are reading this article. A stole phone is formatted or better still flashed and it’s casing changed to brand new. This phones are put up for sale, so that unsuspecting customers would buy. They target people in love with cheap phones.

Word of advise avoid second hand phones at any cost. Unless a very close member gives it to you and you are sure that it was bought from genuine dealers.. Moreover buy phones which are known brands from authorized dealers. Of course this includes Infinix, Tecno, wiko, cubot to mention afew that have gotten nods from the upper middle class and majority of middle class.

Next time we’ll see how you can recover a lost phone without a hustle.

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